Your health is our top priority and we are here to support you!

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, we are here offering FREE Online Physiotherapy Sessions from the comfort of your home. This is our way to serve our community during this public health crisis.

Are you or someone you love struggling with pain and unable to get to the clinic due to COVID-19 concerns?

Are you or someone you love wanting to return to exercise or stay healthy and strong after giving birth but difficult getting to an appointment?


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A Personal Message From Owner, Richa Rehan

(Pelvic Health Physiotherapist)


Hi, my name is Richa Rehan.


Welcome to Harmony Physiotherapy Ottawa!


In the next few minutes you are going to discover how as easy it

will be to get relief from pain, Pelvic Pain during pregnancy,

endometriosis and urinary leakage with working out or running,

recovering safe after giving birth.


During the COVID-19 outbreak, Harmony Physiotherapy Ottawa is 

now, along with clinic visits, offering online virtual visits where we can educate you on your

movement and tips to improve your ability to stay active without pain or leaking urine from the comfort of your home.


In these ONE-ON-ONE sessions with a Harmony Physiotherapy Expert, you'll get tips and tricks on how to breathe optimally again, proper

posture, proper and efficient body movements, and ways to activate and relax your deep core muscles and pelvic floor musculature to reduce incontinence (leaking urine), Pelvic Pain, Lower back pain, and improve form with lifting the baby or lifting weights.


The goal is to help you get better with the best use of your time, without the commute into the clinic and staying safe with your family at home.


 With Gratitude,


Richa Rehan, PT
Clinical Director & Owner

Athletico Sports Physiotherapy, Kingston

Athens Physiotherapy, Athens

Harmony Physiotherapy, Ottawa