Pregnancy Belts & Joint Braces

Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting times in your life.

It is also 40 weeks of hard work, as you prepare to welcome your little bundle to the world. After going through the common early pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, fatigue or food cravings (to name a few), the last thing you want plaguing you as you reach your third and final trimester is back pain.  While you prep the nursery and try to soak up every last minute of sleep before baby arrives, you want to be as comfortable as possible and, thanks to a little product called a Harmony Maternity Belt, we can help!

Pregnancy Back Pain:

Research has shown that up to 70% of pregnant women experience back pain at some point during their pregnancy.

What is a Harmony Maternity Belt?

Made of lightweight, breathable elastic material, the maternity support belt is a non-rigid supportive garment designed for pregnant women to assist in managing pain and discomfort in the abdominal, lumbar and pelvic regions.


How Does the Harmony Maternity Belt Help?

Stability: The brace provides increased stability and support to the back and pelvic region, including the SI joint, during daily activities. By supporting the growing the belly, it can help to evenly distribute the workload and take excess stress off of particular areas to minimize discomfort and pain daily.


Postural Cues: The belt helps to encourage proper posture to minimize stress on the lower back while it accommodates for the changes in gait and centre of gravity.


Compression: Mild compression on the uterus helps to support it and minimize excessive movement of the belly during daily activities.


Where Can I get a Maternity Support Belt?

Harmony Physiotherapy Ottawa carries the Harmony Maternity Belt in a range of sizes. If your treating healthcare professional has recommended a maternity support, please come in for a complimentary consultation and try the brace on to see how it may work for you.


If you wish to purchase a Harmony Maternity Belt, they are covered under certain private insurance plans that have a category of coverage for certain ‘belts and supports’ and our administrative team would be happy to help you through the insurance process to determine your coverage and help you with getting reimbursed.


If you think a Harmony Maternity Belt may be the right choice for you, please call or come in to see us and meet with a Bracing Specialist at any time. We would be happy to assist you in finding a solution to manage your pregnancy back pain as you await the arrival of your beautiful bundle!


Custom and Over-the-Counter Joint Bracing

Harmony Ottawa physiotherapists when clinically indicated are well-trained to prescribe, measure and dispense Over-the-Counter and Custom braces for your ankle, knee, SIJ, spine, elbow, wrist and other joint conditions.

harmony Physiotherapy Ottawa works with a World Leader in Custom Joint Bracing to help obtain High Quality Braces to help with your condition. Bracing has shown by research to be vital in providing the static and dynamic support to your joints, while mitigating mechanical stresses and further damage to your healing tissues.

All Harmony Physiotherapy Ottawa Over-the-Counter and Custom-Made Braces are prescribed and dispensed by specially-trained and experienced Harmony Ottawa physiotherapists. Depending upon your insurance coverage requirements, you might require a prescription from your physician for Custom Braces. At Athletico, we will work closely with your physician and if needed, we can refer you back to your physician for a prescription.