Kinesio & Rock Taping

Kinesio tape is most frequently used by athletes—especially those who engage in prolonged activities. Runners especially are drawn to Kinesio taping, as the technique is incredibly low-profile and unlikely to get in the way of their running stride. However, Kinesio tape can benefit many people outside of the athletic world, and certainly stretches beyond supporting runners. Those who experience wrist pain after typing all day, or who experience back pain due to their job may also benefit from utilizing Kinesio tape.


Common conditions our trained Harmony Physiotherapy Ottawa often treat with kinesiology taping include:

  • Back sprains and strains

  • Neck aches

  • Shoulder injuries

  • Knee pain 

  • Sports Injuries


Many pregnant women are also using this method of athletic taping, especially for their back, knees, and even lower abdominal muscles during the third trimester to alleviate some of the additional pressure on the body during pregnancy. Ensure that you talk with a physical therapist for guidance before attempting to use athletic taping for any reason, but especially before taking any action for pain relief when pregnant.

If any of these complaints sound similar to yours, Contact Us Today at Harmony Physiotherapy Ottawa for a consult. Our Harmony Physiotherapy Ottawa Physiotherapist will evaluate you for the best therapies, including kinesiology taping, to target your injuries.