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  • Registered Physiotherapist

  • Certified Dry Needling Practitioner

  • Acupuncture Practitioner

  • Certified Yoga Practitioner

  • Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Practitioner 

  • Spinal Manipulation Practitioner

Richa started our physiotherapy company in 2010 and has worked with numerous Varsity, National and Olympic-level athletes in the Prevention, Rehabilitation and Management of Sports Injuries, and Pelvic Health conditions. Richa is a past National-level basketball player and understands the needs of an Active and Athletic population and the impact of musculoskeletal injuries and pelvic health conditions first hand.

Richa has completed an array of post-graduate courses in the area of Pelvic Health Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Functional Dry Needling, Sports Rehabilitation, Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy from leading educational institutions around the world. Richa is also a Certified Yoga Practitioner and will often combine the principles of Yoga with Advanced Sports and Pelvic Rehabilitation strategies and best research to bring together the Best solutions to help manage Conditions affecting the Pelvic Health and Spine, Joint, Muscle, Tendons, Bones, Ligaments and Nerves quickly and effectively.

Richa incorporates her many years of Clinical Knowledge, Advanced Skills and Education in the area of Pelvic Health and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy to help identify even subtle Mechanical Imbalances and Impairments with her patients to help with a faster recovery from injuries and prevent further reoccurrences.

Richa incorporates Cutting-Edge Research in her clinical practice and strives to combine the Best Treatment Tools to not only provide pain relief from your present condition but also prevent any future injuries.

Richa is also an Examiner for the Board Physiotherapy National Licensing Exams and is a Member of the Sports Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. Richa is rostered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario to perform the Controlled acts of Manipulation (Adjustment) of the Spine, Acupuncture, Dry Needling and perform the Controlled activities involved in providing Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Care. Richa has also co-authored a screening tool for screening Pelvic Health impairments within Outpatient Healthcare settings.

TEAM Harmony Ottawa physiotherapists - with our Years of Advanced Post-Graduate training in the area of Effectively Managing Pelvic Health, Spine, Joint, Muscle, Tendon, Nerve and Ligamentous Conditions are very well placed to provide you with solutions for your pain condition and get you back to the things you love to do… Faster!


Komal completed her Physiotherapy Degree at the Government of Spine Institute in 2014. Komal further completed an internship in Neurology and Orthopaedics. Komal completed a post graduate Diploma in Health, Wellness and Fitness.

Komal, as a Registered Physiotherapist and life-long learner is currently pursuing advanced post-graduate training in Women’s and Pelvic Health Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Dry Needling and Advanced Manual Therapy. Komal has achieved advanced post-graduate training in managing pelvic and lumbar issues with patients of all genders.

Team Harmony Ottawa Physiotherapists with our years of advanced Physiotherapy training will help you get better, FASTER!


Michelle James graduated from the International Academy of Massage Therapy in Ottawa. Michelle is registered in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO). She is dedicated to providing high quality, individualized treatments to clients of all ages. She is passionate about massage therapy and believes in making your goals a priority. Michelle uses massage therapy to help reduce pain from an injury, increased muscle and joint tension and stress to help you can return to your activities, FASTER!

Michelle specializes in a variety of massage techniques such as a deep tissue, therapeutic, sports injury and preventative massage, relaxation, acute and chronic pain conditions, myofascial release, headaches / migraines, cupping, pregnancy and postnatal massage, aromatherapy/essential oils as well as massage for people living with the effects of cancer and stress.

Michelle creates a warm and friendly environment where she can help you achieve your wellness goals. In her spare time, she enjoys staying active and spending time with her family.

Team Harmony Ottawa Registered Massage Therapists work in collaboration with your other healthcare providers and are committed to help you get better, FASTER!

Patrick Fitzgerald, B Sc (Kin.)


Patrick is Team Harmony’s Certified Pedorthist. After graduating from Western University in London, ON with a Bachelors Degree with Specialization in Kinesiology, Patrick pursued his Post-Graduate training with Specilization in Pedorthics at Western University. Patrick has over the years had the opportunity of treating many elite and competitive athletes for foot and lower limb injuries and brings a lot of unique skills to help custom-fabricate the best and most appropriate orthotics for his patients, based upon each individuals needs and functional level.

Patrick is a long-distance runner himself, and has over the years had the opportunity of treating many competitive runners and providing them orthotics that best support their feet, pelvis and spine. Patrick is a Competitive Runner and in 2016 finished in the top 30 runners at Half-Marathon events in Ottawa, London and Toronto.

Patrick performs a thorough Biomechanical Assessment of each patient. This includes a thorough Subjective and Objective Examination combined with a Static Weight Bearing Evaluation to determine the present joint positioning, range of motion and strength/stability assessment of all joints of the feet, lower limbs and spine. This examination is followed with a Gait Analysis of the patient to determine the Best Possible design for a custom-fabricated product.

The patients feet are then casted using Plaster of Paris and foam box impression techniques to capture a 3-D negative impression of the patients feet and lower legs. These casts are then filled with plaster to help create a positive and accurate replica of the patients feet which is then used to create the custom-fabricated orthotic.

Patrick then manufactures the orthotics himself, from scratch at his private manufacturing facility using Highest Quality materials. Each Orthotic is a Truly Custom Design to suit every Patient’s Condition and Lifestyle. This robust subjective and objective assessment combined with the cutting-edge casting and fabrication process ensures that each patient receives an Orthotic that meets their needs and not only helps to manage the patients present complaints, but also prevents further injuries and deterioration in future.

Few insurance companies might require a referral from your Physician to avail funding for Custom Fabricated Orthotics. Team Harmony works very closely with your Physician during all treatment processes and we can facilitate this referral process for you, if this may be required.

Team Harmony Ottawa Pedorthist’s are Very Well placed to provide you with Custom Solutions for your Pain Condition and get you Back to the Things you Love to do… Faster!

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