Pelvic Pain

Physiotherapy Experts in pelvic pain treatment at Harmony Ottawa

At Harmony Physiotherapy Ottawa, our physiotherapists are highly trained in women’s health rehabilitation and have years of experience treating women with pelvic pain. They use the latest, safest and most efficient techniques to give their patient long-lasting relief.

At Harmony Ottawa, you will learn:

  • Exactly what is going on with your body?

  • Gentle and effective strategies for dealing with pain.

  • To restore the normal position, tone, and function to the pelvic floor.

  • How to practice techniques for yourself at home.

  • The neuroscience of pain and the answer to the “why” question.

  • The connection between food, movement, sleep, stress, and pain.

  • About other products and services available for your overall healing.

Harmony Ottawa can help you with:

  • Persistent internal pelvic, perineal, vaginal, or vulvar pain.

  • Sexual dysfunction related to pain.

  • High tone and sensitivity in muscles.

  • The underlying drivers for pain.

  • Connective or fascial tissue dysfunction.

  • Decreased mobility and flexibility of the lumbopelvic-hip complex.

  • Your body, mind, heart, and spirit as a whole being.

Harmony Ottawa Women's Pelvic Health Physiotherapy is ideal for:

  • Women with persistent pelvic pain of any nature, including painful periods and endometriosis

  • Women who have been diagnosed with painful bladder syndrome or interstitial cystitis

  • Women with persistent nerve irritation or pudendal nerve irritation following pregnancy, childbirth, or surgery

  • Women with unexplained persistent pain following a pelvic or abdominal surgery of any kind

  • Women with persistent tailbone pain or who have been diagnosed with coccydynia​​

  • Women who have been diagnosed with urinary retention, overactive, hypertonic or non-relaxing pelvic floor muscles or myofascial trigger points

Pelvic Pain Treatment at Harmony Ottawa: How our physiotherapists at Harmony Ottawa treat pelvic pain?

With a gentle stretching technique, working on relaxing the pelvic muscles, physiotherapy will help ease the pain in that area.

The physiotherapist will work on targeted muscles causing the pain such as pelvic floor muscles.
Taking consciousness of muscles relaxing via Intra and extra vaginal maneuver in order to target the entire relevant muscle group.


The physiotherapist will give you exercises to do to avoid any relapse of pain.

Finally, the physiotherapist is here to listen, advise with posture and problems in your daily life as well as any couple relationship issues.

An assessment is necessary before your pelvic pain treatment?

Every pelvic pain re-education starts with a check-up. Following the check-up, the physiotherapist will determine a personalized treatment based on your medical background, the course of your pregnancy and the method of childbirth as well as on your level of awareness of your muscles.


Finally, she will show you the exercises that you will do between the sessions in order to increase the benefits of the treatment.

Should you need more information about pelvic pain rehabilitation, do not hesitate to contact our Harmony physiotherapist who will be able to answer to all your questions

More Information about Pelvic Pain and Pelvic Pain treatment at Harmony Ottawa

What are the different types of pelvic pain and how to recognize those?

Pelvic pain originates from a muscular dysfunction such as

What is Dyspareunia?

Pain with variable intensity and can be felt by either men or women during sexual intercourse

What is Vulvodynia?

Vulvar discomfort lasting over 3 months with no apparent cause

What is Vaginismus?

Chronic or prolonged pelvic floor muscle contraction at the opening of the vagina. This involuntary and uncontrollable muscle reflex stops any vaginal penetration of any kind. When vaginismus is partial or situational, contractions then only happen when there is an attempted penetration.

What is Vestibulodynia?

Occasional burning or tearing pain when any type of pressure is involved (gynecological exam, insertion of tampon, riding a bicycle, vaginal penetration)

What is Neuralgia pudendal?

Neuropathic pain touching the pelvic area between the genitalia and anus

What is Interstitial Cystitis?

The chronic painful bladder, a condition not well known and often misdiagnosis touching the bladder and the pelvic area. The bladder wall is normally covered with a protective layer between urine and the bladder tissue. With this condition, this layer is thinner and therefore the acidity of the urine results in a burning sensation in the pelvic area.

What is Irritable bowel syndrome?

Chronic bowel dysfunction causing abdominal pain, constipation and/ or diarrhea

What are the causes of Pelvic Pain?

  • Traumas occurring in daily life

  • Local fracture or within a distance of the perineal area

  • Sprains, dislocations

  • Extreme sports

  • Some types of surgery

  • Surgical removal of hemorrhoids

  • Childbirth with or without complications

  • Sexual abuse causing a defense mechanism

  • Psychosomatic reaction from daily tensions and contractions having an effect on the pelvic floor muscles