Does Jumping on a Trampoline Make You Pee?

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

One of my friends asked me yesterday “since I’ve had my baby, why I pee when I jump on a trampoline?”

That made me realize that there is a definite need for more education on this topic :)

Even athletes with the “strongest” core have experienced a trampoline urine leak and know how embarrassing this can be. The main reason behind the urine leakage while jumping is poor strength and inadequate functioning of our pelvic floor muscles. And not surprisingly, doing Kegel exercises on its’ own a lot of times does not fix it.

Why Does a Trampoline Urine Leak Happen ?

How to Fix This Problem?

Should I Stop Using the Trampoline ?

Should I be Using a Pantyliner?

Should I Strengthen my Pelvic Floor Muscles

Here are some of the answers:

Leaking urine while jumping on a trampoline is very common in women who have gone through childbirth and those aged forty-five and up, but this is NOT NORMAL. Unfortunately, most people ignore when this happens and just laugh off the whole problem. However in most cases, this issue is easy to manage, and also can be indicative of certain underlying health conditions.

Not going on a Trampoline or settling for a less active life isn’t the solution. Initially, it may seem to be the easiest and the only solution. But WHYYYY, when we can continue enjoying all the activities that we used to, including running and jumping on a trampoline?

Let’s close our eyes and visualize our lower torso for a second. We have the abdominal muscles at the front, the oblique muscles on either side, and our back muscles that support us. Above those, we have our diaphragm, and down below are the pelvic floor muscles.

Now, when we jump, a part of our body weight goes up. While we’re coming down, gravity does its thing, and the whole load forcefully falls on our pelvic floor muscles. If they aren’t strong enough, they won’t be able to handle the load, resulting in undue bladder compression leading to some pee coming out. The experience is definitely unpleasant and can be really embarrassing, especially if there are people around

So what can you do?

*Stop Using the Trampoline

This might seem easy at first, but ignoring the problem won’t solve it. Things can only get worse over time.

*Using a Pantyliner

The amount of pee that comes out when we’re jumping on a trampoline isn’t always huge. Therefore, using a pantyliner can help. It can be a good quick fix. But In the end, it may not even work.

*Strengthening Our Pelvic Floor Muscles

Strengthening our pelvic floor muscles is crucial if we have already suffered a trampoline urine leak. However, if they are really weak, there are commonly more reasons behind that.

Some of us may have a weak pelvic floor, while others have poor posture, bladder spasms, nerve damage, perineal tear scar tissue, and even psychological trauma can all lead to unexpected urine leakage.

*Can Kegels help you with this, and are you doing your Kegels correctly?

The strength of the pelvic floor muscles helps us tighten them adequately, when subjected to a load, for example, while running or landing. Coordination, on the other hand, will help tighten them at the right time without us having to use our leg muscles.

At Harmony Physiotherapy (Experts in Sports and Pelvic Health) a thorough examination will help us get to the root cause of the problem and help to fix it, There are multiple reasons why this problem may occur in the first place. We will help you to work on the basics of pelvic floor retraining by gaining Strength & Coordination, using various different modalities.

Your Harmony Pelvic Physiotherapist may use techniques including pelvic floor and joint mobilization, scar mobilization, pelvic floor exercise prescription, breathing and relaxation techniqus, biofeedback and electrical stimulation to help restore your pelvic function.

Final Thoughts

Peeing your pants while jumping on a trampoline can be really embarrassing and bothersome. Luckily, you don’t have to live with this. We can help you not just treat this issue, but provide you tools to prevent future reoccurrences.

At Harmony Physiotherapy we are Experts in Pelvic Physiotherapy. We coordinate all patient care with your obstetrician, midwife, physician, and other health care professionals. Harmony Physiotherapy will assist you in achieving a full and healthy recovery. Book an appointment with our Harmony Pelvic Physiotherapy Experts today. We can help get you back on your path of recovery!

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