Return To Work Screen

Our Return-to-Work Programs are designed to provide job-related and injury-specific therapeutic interventions to create customized and cost-effective approaches to the treatment of work-related injuries. At Harmony Physiotherapy Ottawa we offer pre-employment screenings for several large companies in the area. We can work with your company to develop a solid pre-employment screen to make sure your future employees are physically able to perform their job duties and perform those tasks safely. This can cut down on the number of worker’s compensation claims a business may experience and help to prevent employee shortages due to injury.

Program features include:

  • Customized clinical strategies that are aggressive, functionally-oriented and scientifically-based to facilitate early return to work

  • Partnership approach for injured workers, healthcare team members, and employers

  • Job simulation models for clinical advancement and early return to work

A full product offering with seamless delivery of services may include:

  • Acute/sub-acute physical therapy

  • Work conditioning/physical re-conditioning

  • Work hardening

  • Comprehensive testing services such as Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs)