Suction Cup Therapy

Suction Cup Therapy At Harmony Physiotherapy Ottawa:

Chinese Cupping is a form of remedial therapy that was developed thousands of years ago as part of traditional Chinese medicine.

Cupping uses round, smooth cups to create a vacuum or suction on your skin. The tissues under the cups are lifted and sucked into the cup.

What are the benefits of Suction Cup Therapy?

The main benefits of cupping are to minimize your pain, relax your muscles, remove excess heat from your body, improve your blood circulation, stimulate lymphatic flow, reduce tension in your fascia and improve your energy. Cupping can also be used to alleviate tension and stress and assist with improving your general wellbeing.

Is cupping painful?

Cupping does not feel painful to have done. Cupping therapy will make your skin to temporarily turn red. Sometimes the cupping treatment will leave a rounded bruise on your skin. This is not permanent and is not painful.

When the cups are placed on your skin you may feel a tightness of your soft tissues under the cup. Most people find this relaxing and quite soothing. Cupping Treatment may involve moving the cups or they can be left in one place.

Cupping treatment

Cupping therapy can be used in many areas of your body including your shoulders, back, hips, buttocks, legs, and abdomen.

How does cupping work?

The suction action of the cups facilitates the movement of your soft tissues. Instead of pushing downwards the soft tissues are pulled upwards into the cups by the vacuum. Sometimes our soft tissues become tense, especially after an injury, chronic tension or stress or simply from overuse. Cupping therapy creates space between the soft tissue layers of your skin, fascia, and muscles. This space allows for freedom of movement. The overall result is less pain to the region being treated.